United Service Lodge No 1428

Members,Wives, Partners, Friends
Along with members and partners of
King Edward VII No 3816 &
St Claire Lodge No 2074
To a
Skittle Evening at The Royal Maritime Club, Lower Decks Bar, 78-80 Queens St, Portsmouth PO1 3HS
14th June 2019 @ 1900-2300. Food in a Basket at only £8.50 per head. There will be a dedicated bar with staff to supply us with ’wets’ (Navy slang) all evening. 

Any Freemason can attend with their better half. 


Agenda for the June meeting of United Service Lodge to be held on Wednesday the 26th June 2019 at the RN&RAYC Old Portsmouth time of Tyling 6PM. The Lodge will be conducting a passing for Rugby Bastion No 9896. All FC and MM are welcome to attend. If you are a EA then you will allowed to attend until the ceremony of passing.

We look forward to seeing you there.

There are currently no upcoming events.